October 2, 2005

The Horrors of Dover

The Distant Collegian has posted a hilarious and telling examination of a news article dealing with the Intelligent Design policy of the Dover School here.

I particularly "like" the article section here:

"A defense attorney argued that it could have been the result of a fundamentalist Bible club her daughter had joined at school. But Smith told a court full of people yesterday that her daughter's comment was one way the mention of intelligent design in her daughter's high school has affected her."

So let me get this straight, the kid attends a public school and a Bible club.  She comes home one day and confronts her mother about inconsistencies in her own faith.  Having no answer for her daughter, she decides that instead of educating herself and finding the answer, she sues the school, somehow concluding that the school (which admittedly did expose kids to ID), not the Bible club was the cause of this unsettling discussion revealing her own ignorance/inconsistencies.  

Obviously, may be reasons why the school is suspected.  Perhaps the daughter herself said it was the ID at school and not anything at Bible club.  Does the article every address this?  No.  It dismisses is solely based on the mother's unfounded claim, leaving us to with the unsupported impression that a school has been the sole prompting for a confrontational discussion concerning religion about her mother, and this is so horrible, it requires court intervention because children are starting to think about what they are learning.  Horrors!  If only the young woman had come home and asked her mother about drugs the world would be fine!

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